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Thursday, 27 January 2011

Here we go again

Its nearly february, and my book was available to buy last august. Its doing ok, and it is selling.I have got some good feed back......so I am focusing on those ones....its not a good time of year for me.....only a week until its my baby's birthday...I miss him so much, and my heart aches to hold him...if only for one more time!!!!! Think maybe is time for me to grieve him properly.....not a drop of alcohol in sight...I have got to explore my emotions....thats alien to me...but if it helps me move on then its got to be done...I am scared....


  1. My emotions are paralysed by fear,
    I am so scared that no one will hear.
    So stuffed in a bottle and thrown in the sea,
    bobbing up and down in the centre of me.

    Armed with a smile to mask over my cries,
    I must admit it’s a brilliant disguise.
    You would think that I’ve got it made,
    I’m an expert in carrying off this charade.

    But the flood gates are opened again,
    unlocked by the power of my pen.
    Out comes all the turmoil and strife,
    as the paper reveals the tale of my life.

    Each word released represents a tear,
    Through my silence it’s now possible to hear.
    My victory reigns as I come out a fighter,
    Because I was born to be a writer.

  2. Lisa...I just opened a Twitter account which is how I somehow came across you. My heart breaks for your tragic loss. As a parent, I can't imagine the pain you've had to endure. My life hasn't been easy, having a husband, and daughter who suffer from Tourette Syndrome, and a 24 year old son battling drug addiction. Life can be a scary place sometimes ! That being said, it pales in comparison to losing a child! I just read your poem which moved me tremendously, and plan on reading your book excerpt as well. Your raw emotions are quite evident. My 20 year old daughter wrote a short poem on the impact of her TS which is going to be published in the TS newsletter (I'm so proud of her)! Your poem had that pain I felt in reading my daughter's. Very different circumstances, but pain just the same. I too plan on writing one of these days. Most likely, the trials and tribulations of my life, just not so sure where to begin as of yet. Anyway, I wish you the best of luck with the sales of your book! Words I, myself, live by..."What doesn't take me out, only makes me stronger". I sense a very strong woman in you and I can totally relate to that!...Be well