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Monday, 16 April 2012

Latest news.......I've named my trilogy......


'In the blink of an eye'

Also I have come up with a name for my trilogy of books.

'Legacy of love trilogy' will soon be complete!

'Freedom in chains' the third and final installment is on its way, so look out for the thrilling conclusion, and be prepared, because its going to be a rocky ride!!!!

'Freedom in chains'


  1. love the name. i think having read the first two books its a great way to sum them up.

  2. Thank you Rose. It only came to me yesterday to give them a name. It didn't even enter my mind lol....but have to agree, it does sum them up well...You are so encouraging Rose, I think ypu could be my number one fan lol..

  3. Its a brilliant idea to give them a name, i wouldn't have thought it up :D). Remember i got the first signed copy at the book launch? Like i said you are a great gal and your books are really truly honestly awesome.

  4. Again Rose, thank you!!!! Feel free to write a review on here or on my weebly website...Can't wait to meet up and have a proper chat xx