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Saturday, 4 June 2011

Attempted murder? Surely there must be some mistake!

Pannos watched as Bill picked up his glass and continue to polish off the whole lot. Pannos looked at this man in disgust, and turned his attention back to Danielle.
  “I am sorry Danielle. You were going to answer me?” He said shaking his head at Bill’s drunken gluttony. He quickly forgot his repulsion and was once again captured by her enchanting emerald eyes. Danielle answered him and told him about the conversation with Stuart. In the back ground Yannis picked up the phone that was ringing. Everyone around was caught up in their own conversations totally unaware of Yanni’s phone call. Pannos listened carefully to what Danielle had to say but was disturbed by one of the guests waiting at the bar. He assured her they would get plenty of time to themselves very soon, and continued to serve his customer. Danielle picked up her drink and sat down next to Mick. Mick soon gave up on talking to Bill as he had passed out on the sofa, so was relieved to have Danielle to talk to. They were in deep conversation when Pannos noticed Yannis was a long time on the phone. He looked over to his brother and could see the distress in his face. He replaced the receiver and began to walk over to Mick’s table. Pannos detected something was very wrong, so he walked over to join them.
   “Michael, what really happened with Stuart tonight?” Yannis asked with a severe look on his face. His question stopped Mick in mid sentence and the two friends looked at each other confused.
  “What do you mean, Yannis?” Mick asked half-heartedly. Pannos was also intrigued by his brother’s question.
  “I have just had the police sergeant on the phone. He informed me Stuart was there and he is afraid for his life.” Silence fell as he continued. “Stuart said he saw you all in the high street and you Danielle came up to him and said you know where he is staying, and you will send Michael and Bill around in the morning to kill him. What is going on?” His ruthless words hit them like a sledge hammer.
  “The police are taking his accusations very seriously Michael, he is refusing to leave the building.” Why does he keep referring to me? Mick thought, it was Danielle who went up to him. Then Danielle very slowly went through every moment of the reunion at the restaurant. She kept looking over to Pannos insistent she was telling the truth. Mick tried his hardest to think if there was anything he had said to Stuart before he had left what he could have taken the wrong way, but could not think of anything. Pannos turned and said goodnight to the last of the guests and was relieved to know they were now alone in the bar. All Mick could say in his defence was it wasn’t true and they would have to take his word for it. He felt totally helpless.
  “Michael he wanted to come and arrest you all now. I managed to delay him but only for an hour or so,” Yannis said looking him in the eye. Mick felt physically sick. He did not want to eat prison food and he wouldn’t be able to get a beer or vodka. His imagination went into overdrive when the prospect of being arrested became apparent to him. He shook Bill for some support but had no joy because he was still unconscious. Mick realised he felt extremely sober.
  “I want to go and see him Pannos. This is ridiculous, we have done nothing wrong. I need to sort this mess out. Please get me a taxi. We cannot get arrested,” Danielle said beginning to feel really scared.
  “It is ok Danielle. I will drive you down in my father’s car. You cannot go down there alone,” Pannos interrupted. He glanced over to his brother and Yannis nodded his approval.
  “I will meet you out the front ok Danielle.” Pannos wanted to see what Stuart had to say for himself if this got out it could be very bad for business. At least he would be alone with Danielle. This wasn’t how he had planned it because Stuart had once again ruined his night with her. Pannos said something to Yannis and walked out of the room. Yannis responded by nodding and went to make himself a strong black coffee. This could turn into a long night he thought.
  “Michael, would you like a cup of coffee?” Yannis asked, holding up a small china cup.
  “Are you crazy, Yannis? I will have a large vodka and orange. When the police come to take me away for attempted murder I want to be completely wasted!” Mick answered putting his hands on his head.
  “Don’t be such a drama queen Mick, it’s not that bad.” Danielle said sternly.
  “The police are taking Stuart very seriously. If they think he is telling the truth you could all be in a lot of trouble,” Yannis said, sipping his coffee. You are not helping Yannis, Danielle thought. Then Pannos sounded his horn out the front of the hotel.

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